Below is a collection of presentations the research team have shared at various conferences. To see where we are presenting next visit our upcoming events page.


Nui te Kōrero: Rewriting National Narratives (2016) 


Recently researchers from Te Rōpū Whāriki went down to Wellington to present at the Māori Association of Social Science (MASS) conference (9th-11th November, 2016). The theme of the conference was Nui Te Kōrero: Rewriting National Narratives and the team presented analyses from the Wairua, Affect and National Days project. Whāriki ran a workshop on A wairua approach to research lead by Helen Moewaka Barnes alongside Angela Moewaka Barnes, Emerald Muriwai, Te Raina Gunn and Jade Le Grice. As well as this, Emerald presented on Privilege and denial of the nation’s foundation and discussed privilege and complexities associated with Waitangi Day for Māori and non-Māori.  




History of Emotions Conference, Stout Centre, Wellington (2015).

Here are some recent Prezi displays from the research team and their contribution to this Wellington conference. To play the Prezi simply click on the triangular button in the centre and wait for the presentation to load. In some instances you may need to upgrade your browser with the latest Adobe and Java updates to play Prezi presentations.


Affect, Wairua and National Days  
Helen Moewaka Barnes 

Wairua in Kōrero  
Te Raina Gunn

Studying Affect in Video Data  

Jade Le Grice


Media and affect – working the ‘canon of emotion’ and New Light/Friendly Soil  

Alex McConville, Tim McCreanor & Margie Wetherell