Emerald McPhee


Emerald (Ngāti Ira, Whakatōhea) is a Researcher at Te Rōpū Whāriki, Massey University and works on co-ordinating and managing the Wairua, Affect and National Days project. Emerald recently finished her Masters thesis Smoking Not Our Tikanga: An Analysis of Māori Identity and Smoking Behaviour (2016). She publishes under the name Emerald Muriwai. Emerald's research focuses on Māori identity, indigenous resilience and health outcomes. She uses a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Emerald is particularly interested in the diversity of what it means to be Māori and telling indigenous stories. Her key areas of interest are mental health, racism, privilege, media representation, digital activism, health and wellbeing, mana wahine, bi/multiracial identities and indigenous solidarity.  


Emerald recently presented at the MASS Conference Nui te Kōrero